Sharon’s Paintings

Wondering the final painting of 2020!

As we sit and ponder the the past, our thoughts float freely here and there. Wondering, from my Dreamscapes series, captures that sense of fleeting memories, sometimes more vivid than reality and yet always morphing into something else. Perhaps we should be wondering more about nature instead of ourselves.


Oil on linen, 36″H x 48″W. $2500

Climate Change 101

36″ x 60″ Acrylic on canvas $3800

The Land of Hidden Dreams

30″H x 40″W Acrylic on Canvas $1200

The Breath of Life

40″H x 30″W Acrylic, pencil and Charcoal on linen $1200

Birth of the Cosmos

Oil and acrylic on Linen 48″H x 36″W $3500

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