Robin and Sharon have entered their final stage of art making and we are no longer collaborating.  Instead, Robin has resumed his solo work, metal  sculpture for the wall.  He is concentrating on patina work on new forms and adding fold forming, hammering and other delights to his metalwork.  Sharon is spending her time writing her memoir and hand-building clay figures.  It will be at least a year before she will be showing her newest sculpture.  

Wolf Creek Studio represents a love affair between the two of us, our art making and our land.  Since moving to our 20 acres of woodlands in 1991, we’ve been on a creative journey that has involved all aspects of our life.  We came together sharing a philosophy of how to live a valid life, seeking truth and beauty and enlightenment.  We know that balance in all things nurtures our soul, enriches society and protects the environment.  These are things we value.