Wolf Creek Studio represents a love affair between the two of us, our art making and our land.  Since moving to our 20 acres of woodlands in 1991, we've been on a creative journey that has involved all aspects of our life.  We came together sharing a philosophy of how to live a valid life, seeking truth and beauty and enlightenment.  We know that balance in all things nurtures our soul, enriches society and protects the environment.  These are things we value. 

It was really quite natural that Robin and I would come together to make art.  We were destined to do that.  We both made commitments early in life to be seekers of wisdom, of truth, of legend, science and yes, of beauty.  His began with an early consideration of the priesthood, followed by art and theatre, The I Ching, The Tarot, and The Kaballah……………..Mine began with drawing, dancing, piano playing; and then later branched into gardening, painting, sculpting, and the study of comparative religion, philosophy, legend, myth and quantum physics.   

Considering those interests in common, it is no wonder our collaborative work is about balance and that is the most globally important issue of our time because in the end it centers around the environment and bringing a balance back to nature that we as a species have damaged to the extent that life as we know it is in danger of extinction.  Our sculpture marries the textures of life and culture into a harmonious balance—not equal in all ways, but balanced in a natural way.   

Welcome to Wolf Creek Studio where we believe art should be inspiring, engaging, rejuvenating and spiritual.  Come with us on a voyage of discovery.  We offer delights for the eye, amazing sculpture and objects d’art for the sophisticated.  Husband Robin L. Washburn and wife Sharon Matusiak create sculpture for inside your home or business as well as outside in the garden